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Luxury Percale Cotton Sheet Sets

Have you noticed how hotel sheets are so crisp? No, it’s not due to their efficient laundry system, but because of the high durable percale sheets. The cotton percale king sheets have a tight weave and thereby present a cool, crisp feel. In addition, these sheets are also very smooth and gloss-less to the touch, and now you can get the same comfort at your home by purchasing them from Luxury Egyptian Linens.

Cotton percale king sheets are the types of sheets that most people dream about. Our sheets can be purchased as a set, making them highly suitable for every bed. You will also get a number of color options to choose from.

Percale sheets have a cooler, crisper hand due to the basic weave and are great for use throughout the year. What’s more, you will find them becoming softer with every wash! Even medical experts have stated that these are the most suitable sheets for every type of skin. You will find our sheets to be non-irritating for every type of skin due to antimicrobial material. Do not be afraid to spend a healthy amount on your bed linen; you will end up spending roughly 1/3rd of your life in the bed.